PCI + PCIe based Test & Measurement

Whether you are designing automated test systems, or performing research in a laboratory, our range of PC-based data acquisition hardware and data acquisition software will provide the solution.


Choose an analog input data acquisition card when you want to measure a variable signal with your PC.


We can supply a wide range of low cost data acquisition, multifunction data acquisition and high speed data acquisition for sampling a range of analog signals.


Analog output boards allow you to generate steady voltage signals or waveforms for testing your products or systems. We can offer high performance analog output boards which can generate high speed waveforms, and low cost boards for fixed output signals.

Our digital I/O range of data acquisition hardware lets you monitor and control switches and alarms, or transfer data between machines. All our data acquisition devices may be used on Windows or Linux platforms.


For real-time data acquisition or large channel count DAQ systems, please take a look at our real-time DAQ solutions section. This includes data acquisition boards which use on-board processors and operating systems, along with a multitude of signal conditioning and termination panels

PCIe215 - 24 lines digital I/O card - PCI-Express

The Amplicon’s PCIe-236 card is a 24 digital input/output (DIO) card designed for industrial applications. The PCIe-236 emulate a single 82C55 Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI) chip which can be configured by user software to operate in a variety of modes with two 82C54 counter timers (CTCs) chips which occupy clusters Z1 & Z2. The board is suitable for use in any PC that supports PCIe Bus version 2.1. The digital I/O facility of the PCIe-236 provides all 24 lines on three 8 bit ports, labeled DIO Port A0 - A7, DIO Port B0 - B7 and DIO Port C0 - C7. These ports are further divided into two groups of 12 bits each, group A comprising the 8 bits of port A and the high order 4 bits of port C, and Group B comprising the 8 bits of port B and the low order 4 bits of port C ..... Datasheet

PCIe215 - 48 lines digital I/O card - PCI-Express

The Amplicon’s PCIe215 is a digital I/O board that provides 48 lines of parallel digital input/output with six 16-bit counter/timers. The board can be used on any PC that supports PCIe bus version 2.1 to monitor and control an external device. The PCIe215 is powered by the 3.3V supply from the host PC and this supply rail is also available for external use via the I/O connector. The PCIe215 has two 82C55 Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI) chips, each having three 8-bit ports (A, B and C). Port C can be split into two 4-bit ports. Each port can be configured for inputs or outputs by writing to the control register of the 82C55.The PCIe215 also has two 82C54 counter timers each with three channels. All timing operations are under the control of a 10MHz crystal clock source ..... Datasheet

PCIe296 - 96 lines digital I/O card - PCI-Express

The Amplicon’s PCIe296 card is a digital I/O board that provides 96 TTL compatible inputs and outputs specially designed to meet stringent performance requirements and ideal for monitoring and control applications. This digital I/O board features an FPGA configured to provide the function of four uncommitted 82C55 Programmable Peripheral Interface chips (PPI) giving up to 96 I/O lines which can be configured by user software to operate in a variety of modes ..... Datasheet

PCI236 - 24 lines digital I/O card - PCI

Designed to combine high performance with very low cost and ease of use, the PCI236 digital I/O board has several modes of operation allowing up to 24 input or output lines to interface with external equipment. Simply control or monitor the status of TTL compatible hardware using our data acquisition board. A 'bread board' area allows the user to add isolators or signal conditioning for inputs or outputs, and we are now able to supply isolation modules fitted. Alternatively we can provide our EX213 or EX230 external termination panels which provide relays for outputs or high level logic isolated inputs respectively ..... Datasheet

PCI215 - 48 lines digital I/O card - PCI

The PCI215 is a PC based digital I/O board that provides 48-bits of parallel I/O and six 16-bit counters for any PCI compatible computer. Up to six interrupt sources can be configured, with two available on each of the 82C55 chips and one on each of the 82C54 chips. We include the AmpDIO library of drivers which increases the flexibility and control of this board with 8 specific digital I/O functions, and 44 specific counter/timer functions ..... Datasheet

PCI272 - 72 lines digital I/O card - PCI

The 72 digital I/O lines of the PCI272 are arranged in three clusters of three 8-bit ports which can be programmed as inputs or outputs, separately or collectively giving tremendous flexibility of operation. This board can be used as a building block to create large systems based on other products from our 200 series. These include the EX200 series of external panels which provided input and output isolation, or relays, and terminals for connecting signals ..... Datasheet

PCI263 - 16 x Reed relay card - PCI

The PCI263 has sixteen reed relays for control of lights, fans and other powered devices by a PC based DAQ system. Each is an independently controlled, single pole, single throw, dry reed relay rated at 15W. Each relay has its own LED for easy diagnostics. Ideal applications include motor starter control, alarm activation and energy management ..... Datasheet

PCI230+ 500kHz - 16 channels Multifunction Board - PCI

The Amplicon PCI230+ is a Universal PCI compatible data acquisition card featuring high resolution, true differential inputs, extensive triggering and improved input protection. This data acquisition board now comes with with 16-bit resolution, and sampling speeds up to 500kS/s. Just like its predecessor, the PCI230+ will measure a wide range of analog inputs, has two analog outputs, 24 digital I/O and three counter timers. Every board comes with a CD ROM containing software drivers, a technical manual, software examples and other useful information. DAX software allows non-programmers to set up and control the board in an Excel environment ..... Datasheet

PCI260+ 500kHz - 16 channels - Analog Input Board - PCI

The new Amplicon PCI260+ analog input board is the latest evolution of our popular low cost analog input board. This data acquisition board now comes with with 16-bit resolution, and sampling speeds up to 500kS/s. Offering all the functionality required for demanding analog measurement applications, there are 16 channels of single-ended input or 8 true-differential channels and 3 counter timers. Sampling is software controlled or automatically triggered by an analog threshold at upto 500kS/s. Optional screw terminal adapter panels make for easy signal connection ..... Datasheet

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PC-Scope with 16 bit resolution !

The new TravelScope is a PC-based, pocket-sized digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) with up to 16 bit resolution, up to  1GS/s realtime sampling, 128MS buffer size, various high-end functions and an USB self-powered design for mobile use ..... More

New range of Amplicon PCIe digital I/O cards

Amplicon announces the launch of the newest addition to its data acquisition product range, the PCIe-200 series. These new high performance digital I/O data acquisition cards implement the high-bandwidth advantage of the PCI Express x1 interface for large scale data transfer, low latency and low power consumption ..... More

New range of PCI & PCIe Expansion Boxes

Amplicon and Magma have teemed up to provide a new PCI & PCIe range of 4U rackmount Ventrix expansion systems. Powered by Magma, these systems incorporate Amplicon industrial chassis and power supplies, to deliver greater robustness, reliability and are even more cost effective ..... More

Industrial-PCs with Intel Core i5/i7 Processors

Amplicon’s Industrial Computing division has released the next generation of Ventrix and Impact-R industrial grade computers delivering the latest high performance Intel Core i5 and i7 based power efficient 32nm designs, with an enhanced range of features such as remote system management ..... More

4GHz Logic Analyzer with New Protocoll Interpreters and LabVIEW support

Acute recently upgraded the software for its TravelLogic logic analyzers to provide 13 Protocol interpreters including UART, I2C, I2S, SPI, CAN, LIN, USB1.1, PS/2, LISSAJOUS, 1-Wire, SSI, Microwire, LCD 1602 as the attached eCatalogue and will soon adding SDIO, JTAG PMBus and SMBus ... protocol interpreters including a new developed LabVIEW 2011 support.  The software can be upgraded online ..... More