TravelBus - Bus & Logic Analyzer

The recently launched TravelBus modules consist in the combination of a 200 MHz Bus with a Logic Analyzer working together simultaneously in one system. These new TravelBus modules are designed to analyze serial bus architectures like I²C, I²S, MDIO, PMBus, PWM, LIN, SMBus, SPI, RS232, RS422, RS485, USB1.1, CANbus and Profibus. Due to the direct high-speed USB3.0 connection with the PC RAM no internal memory is needed. This permits a long time recording mode combined with an economical price.

The TravelBus modules can show the storage data simultaneously as real time data and wave form display. The TB1016B module is equipped additionally with a Trigger IN/Out stack connector and can be extended to work as a multi-signal oszilloskop (MSO) by connecting it to a 1GHz TravelScope module. All TravelBus modules and optional TravelScope modules are USB self powered to guarantee an absolutely mobile solution ..... Datasheet

Features TB1016E & TB1016B:

  • 200 MHz Timing/State analysis
  • Digital Channels: 16 (Data), 1 (Clock), 2 (I²C)
  • Analysis Memory: USB3.0 to PC RAM connection for long time analysis mode Real-Time Data and Waveform Display simultaneously
  • Bus Analysis I: I²C, I²S, MDIO, PMBus, PWM, LIN, SMBus, SPI, RS232, USB1.1
  • Data Logger mode USB self powered

Features TB1016B additionally:

  • Differential Channels: 2 (CAN), 4 (RS422/485)
  • Bus Analysis II: CAN, ProfiBus, RS422, RS485
  • MSO Extension: Via hardware Trigger connected with an optional TravelScope module

The TravelBus software has been largely integrated into the firmware of the TravelBus modules to avoid unnecessary CPU load of the PC. The TravelBus modules cost EUR 199/pc. net for the TB1016E version and EUR 399/pc. net for the TB1016B version with CAN bus and Profibus extension. Included in the delivery package are software, USB 3.0 cable, test leads and probes.

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