USB based Test & Measurement

USB & Standalone Data Acquisition System with up to 160 Input Channels and 32 GB internal Memory

GigaLog-S-GRAPH is a 24 bit data logger with an integrated Touch-Screen and up to 32GB internal memory using MicroSD memory cards. With GigaLog-S-GRAPH any embedded system can log its data easily, for a very long period, and readable by a PC. GigaLog-S-GRAPH automatically recognizes miniSD memory cards and creates files to store the data into it. When switching power on, or changing the memory card, new data will be appended to the files. Stored data can be read on a PC using a simple miniSD adapter. The memory card appears as a removable disk to the PC. All data from the Rs232 is in a single file, analog data in another file on the disk. You may also upload stored data from the board by USB, Rs232 or Modem into a file on the PC. GigaLog-S-GRAPH is also available as an OEM board called Gigalog-S-OEM or in a housing to be mounted on a DIN rail called Gigalog-S-DIN. Now available with GSM modem and FTP sever support !

Storing data from analog or digital inputs Gigalog-S has 16 single-ended inputs. Couples of inputs can be used as differential inputs. Each input can be configured as analog, digital, or counter. Gigalog samples these inputs regularly and stores them on the disk in a file.


Remote Control

GigaLog-S can be completely controlled by a modem: Verify state, change configuration, disk handling, upload logged data. Each input has a min and a max threshold. When the input violates a threshold, an alarm occurs. An alarm may toggle a relay, write a message into a disk file, call a centre using a phone, or send an SMS, using a GSM modem. You may define a command macro, that calls a centre, or sends an SMS each hour, day, or once a week.


Transfer data to an Internet Server

GigaLog S can place its data directly on an Internet server by FTP using a special GSM modem from Round Solutions.

Graphic Display

The graphic display shows the last 60 seconds, or the last 60 minutes, or the last 48 hours, or the last 100 days. You may change the number of channels, channels per page, and the length of each period. The data for the display is stored independent of the data logged on the memory card. The data for the display will be lost when power is switched off.

You may select on the bottom menu the period to display The upper menu displays a state line or the channels of the page. Channels are not equal to inputs. You may assign any input to a channel. The button of a channel is in its colour, and displays its name. Clicking on the button of a channel brings the channel into the foreground and its y-axe is displayed. Clicking on >> changes the page and displays other channels.


Manual Gigalog-S
PDF-Dokument [2.0 MB]
GigaLog-S - Firmware Programming Manual
PDF-Dokument [212.3 KB]



Last version of the complete Gigalog-S softaware (GigaTerm, GigaData, Bord firmware) and manual.

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