USB1.1 - Extender

USB2.0 - Extender + Isolator

USB2.0 - Ranger 2100 Series

USB2.0 Extender from Icron USB2.0 - Ranger 2101

The USB2.0 Ranger 2101 capitalises on Icron's many years of expertise in developing USB extenders to provide high performance and transparent USB 2.0 extension up to 100m over standard CAT 5/6 cable. 'ExtremeUSB' is the patented protocol that makes this extender stand out from the rest of the crowd - when reliability and compatability are the prime concerns, the Ranger series are without competition ..... Datasheet


USB2.0 Extender with 4 ports USB2.0 - Ranger 2104

The USB2.0 Ranger 2101 capitalises on Icron's many years of expertise in developing USB extenders to provide high performance and transparent USB 2.0 extension up to 100m over standard CAT 5/6 cable. 'ExtremeUSB' is the patented protocol that makes this extender stand out from the rest of the crowd - when reliability and compatability are the prime concerns, the Ranger series are without competition ..... Datasheet

USB3.0 - Extender + Isolator

USB3.0 - Spectra-3022

The Spectra 3022 is a unique 2-port extension system that allows you to increase USB 3.0 connections up to 100 metres over fibre optics – Far greater than the 3 metres distance limitation set by the USB 3.0 standard. The Spectra is completely plug and play, there are no software drivers required and they are fully compatible with Windows®, Linux® and Mac® operating systems. Additionally, these units come with rugged locking USB and power connectors and are fitted in a robust aluminium enclosure ..... Datasheet


Extending USB 3.0 Over Fiber For Machine Vision Applications

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is undisputedly the most successful computer connection interface to date, with over ten billion USB devices already in the field and numbers increasing every day. But for machine vision applications, USB 2.0 has been only a minor player due to relatively low throughput rate (480 Mbps) and distance r each (5 metres ) when compared to rival camera interfaces like FireWire, GigE Vision, and Camera Link.


A New Standard

Considerable excitement was generated when the AIA (Automated Imaging Association) announced it would be developing a new camera specificat ion called USB3 Vision based on USB 3.0. Hot off the press (January 23, 2013), USB3 Vision cameras support up to 5 Gbps of data throughput producing quality resolution, vibrant colours, and high frame rates comparable to CameraLink at a fraction of the to tal solution cost. USB3 Vision is well poised to become a dominant standard. The only flaw with this good news story is USB’s weakness , distance limitation. Not all copper cables are capable of supporting USB 3.0’s higher bandwid th at any appreciable dist ance; while great strides were made in improving throughput from USB 2.0’s 480 Mbps to USB 3.0’s 5 Gbps, distance to ok a step backward from 5 metres to 3 metres.


Bridging the Distance with Fiber

Fiber Optic cabling is the obvious choice over copper, espec ially with newer transmission standards such as OM3 multimode fiber. Fiber offers plenty of benefits. The cable has a small diameter which allows for easy and convenient installation and greater future - proofing by supporting increasing bandwidths. And while still carrying a premium over copper cables, fiber costs have come down markedly over the past few years. All things being equal, USB 3.0 and fiber should work together to resolve the distance gap, but it is never quite that easy. Simply firing USB 3.0 data across fiber isn’t going to magically get high - definition vision cameras running at 10 0 metres from your control centre . That’s where ExtremeUSB® extension technology comes into play to complete the solution.



ExtremeUSB® has long been t he extension standard for USB 1.1 and 2.0, and is now bridging the gap for USB3 Vision. ExtremeUSB is a patented extension solution from Icron Technologies Corporation supporting plug and play functionality (no software drivers required) and compatibility with all operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


The new Icron USB 3.0 Spectra™ 3022 system meets the USB3 Vision specification and is able to extend USB3 Vision applications up to 100 metres over OM3 multimode fiber. Moreover, it is the first commercially available fiber extender to be certified by machine vision camera leaders like IDS, Lumenera, NET, Point Grey, and Ximea.


Additional Advantage with Fiber

Fiber not only facilitates throughput and distance, it also offers electrical isolation, which is a requirement for many critically sensitive medical and military applications, and can be manufactu red to be flexible enough for tight locations or moving parts.



USB 3.0 has arrived in the machine vision world as USB3 Visio n and will start to increase market share at the expense of other standards. Fiber is a very willing partner for cabling du e to its ability t o handle high traffic rates and easier installation attributes. ExtremeUSB technology based extenders for USB 3.0 are fiber based and certified with USB3 Visio n cameras, thus offering system integrators a reliable solution when vision ap plications nee d to be extended beyond 3 metres .

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